We welcome our new Digital Solutions Manager, Ola

Katharina Paoli BrunatNudgd

Ola Rynge, CTO

Hi Ola, welcome to our team! Thank you! I am happy to be part of the Nudgd team! I am happy to be on board! What are the most exciting sustainability trends right now according to you? I have a background in technology and start-up and there are many very exciting technology trends in the field of sustainability right now. An example is autonomous electric vehicles that can reduce emissions and reduce the number of accidents in combination with new … Read More

Behavioral Design and Butt Bin chosen as new words in the Swedish Dictionary

Katharina Paoli BrunatNudgd, Nudging

Wow! Both behavioral design and butt bin qualify for the list of this year’s new words in the Swedish Dictionary! Behavioral design – Designing an environment to promote a certain behavior is what we at Nudgd work with every day It is our business DNA. And then when also the word butt bin (fimpomat in Swedish) which is a great example of how we use behavioral design, qualifies, that must be seen as nothing less than jackpot! But what about … Read More