SMART NUDGES MOBILiTY - Establishes Smart Travel Habits

A Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform that uses gentle nudges towards more climate-friendly travel habits
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Many people want to start traveling more climate friendly but have difficulty taking the first step. That's why we created the digital platform Smart Nudges Mobility - which provides a friendly and personal push on the way. With smart and timely nudges, the platform helps create new behaviors and habits through targeted messages for each target group.

Smart Nudges Mobility utilizes the so-called fresh-start effect and uses the potential for behavioral change that arises at new beginnings. The platform provides, for example, newly relocated or newly hired people with individualized information based on their unique circumstances.

A message is sent via SMS and contains a unique link with information and the recipient is nudged in several ways towards more climate friendly travel habits. Finally, the entire process is measured and analyzed so that you can easily evaluate your sustainability investment.

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Smart Nudges Mobility users are

twice as positive to switch to walking

76 % more positive to switch to cycling
62% more positive to switch to electric, gas or hybrid cars, car-pooling or co-driving

33% of the users state that they have changed to a more climate friendly mode of transport due to Smart Nudges Mobility

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