We encourage joint ownership at HSB Living Lab

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Residents in HSB’s Living Lab have the opportunity to borrow items such as tools, kitchen utensils, sewing machines, irons, exercise equipment, and kubb games. The items are easily accessible to everyone and are stored in two shared lockers in the common space on the entrance floor. But many of the residents didn’t know the lockers existed and didn’t know how they worked, so we at Nudgd were tasked with making the lockers visible, instructing, reminding them of the opportunity, and … Read More

HSB Living Lab tests if ingenious communication can lead to better source sorting

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In HSB’s Living Lab in Gothenburg, new and exciting solutions are continuously tested to create more sustainable housing and behavior. In the spring of 2022, HSB LL wanted to explore how they could get more residents to sort their waste even better. In the living lab, the environmental room is very nice and has a close connection to nature with forest pictures on the walls. It is also well equipped with 10 different waste bins and sensors for real-time measurement. … Read More

Nudgd chosen as Top 50 most promising startups in clean mobility

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Our solution Smart Travel Habits caught the jury’s attention – we are now proud to say that we are among the Top 50 startups in Europe within clean mobility! 57 independent evaluators have worked to evaluate and rank 563 startups in 38 countries, following a very rigorous methodology and clear criteria. After pitching our solution to the team at the EUROPEAN STARTUP PRIZE FOR MOBILITY, we made it all the way to Top 50. “This means a lot to me … Read More

GoCo Health Innovation City chooses Smart Travel Habits when they welcome actors to the area

Natalie Kamra-KregertDigital services and projects

GoCo Health Innovation City is a billion investment in new research and development environments in connection to AstraZeneca’s facility in Mölndal. The vision is to create a place with the potential to take global leadership in Life Science and health innovation. The upcoming signature building, GoCo House, will be completed by the end of the year, and a large number of visitors and tenants are expected to the site and are welcomed with Smart Travel Habits. New habits for sustainable … Read More

We welcome 3 new coworkers – meet Maria, Payam, and Lena

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We are very happy to welcome our three new coworkers! Get to know Maria Novik, Payam Shaker, and Lena Soehle by reading their interviews below. We appreciate that so many want to do an internship with us, we believe it is important to collaborate with the academy. Maria Novik is our Project Assistant from Stockholm. Maria will strengthen the team’s competence regarding sustainable solutions to environmental issues with her education in environmental science. Maria’s passion, creative joy, and ability to … Read More

Smart Travel habits will reduce car commuting on Gotland

Natalie Kamra-KregertDigital services and projects

Smart Travel Habits helps employees to travel more sustainably. Nudgd is now also developing an automatic tool for evaluating each employee’s potential to travel more actively, which will lead to 10% fewer car rides to work. The project is carried out together with Region Gotland within the framework of Energy Pilot Gotland 3 and is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency. “Exploring and raising Gotlanders’ travel habits together with Nudgd is very interesting. In the climate and energy change that … Read More

Health and sustainability in focus when Uppsala municipality returns to the workplace with Smart Travel Habits

Natalie Kamra-KregertDigital services and projects

Uppsala municipality is once again taking advantage of the fresh start effect. With the return to workplaces during the post-pandemic, Uppsala Municipality wants to make it easier for their coworkers to travel climate-friendly to and from work, at work, and in their free time. Smart Travel Habits has previously helped newly relocated residents in Uppsala to travel climate-friendly. This time, the coworkers at the City Planning Office are the first in Uppsala municipality to be offered Smart Travel Habits. The … Read More

A new nudge will make soccer players reduce the environmental impact of artificial turf

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Soccer players spread tons of rubber granules in the environment each year. The rubber granules – the round, small rubber pieces in artificial turf – contribute to higher utilization and better playing qualities. But the granules have a negative environmental impact if they spread outside the fields. Players, coaches, and other individuals staying on artificial turf are responsible for most of the rubber granule spreading. The reason is that it sticks to clothes and shoes. The spreading equates to tons … Read More

Welcoming our new Communications Associate, Kerstin!

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Hi Kerstin, welcome to our team! Hi and thank you! I’m very excited to be a part of Nudgd, I have received a warm welcome and I think the team is outstanding in every way! Why do you think it is interesting to work with sustainability? During my studies, I have often had the UN Agenda 2030 as a starting point in my work. It was almost a given to continue on that track. Thus, it’s no coincidence that I … Read More

These are the best working nudges

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New research confirms the effects of nudges: nudging works. On all target groups. Nudging has an effect regardless of who you aim it at. However, there is a difference between different nudges. Some work a little better than others. Drawing on 200 studies on behavioral interventions, a new meta-analysis shows that nudges overall promote behavior change with a small to medium effect size. Nudges targeting decision structure outperform nudges targeting decision information or decision assistance. This means that pre-arranged settings, … Read More