Nudgd joins international startup accelerator Fast Track Malmö

Natalie Kamra-KregertDigital services and projects, Nudgd

Nudgd Team

Out of 400 applications, Nudgd has been selected by Fast Track Malmö to join their program, with only 8 other companies. Fast Track Malmö is an accelerator that helps European startups to accelerate their growth and raise their first VC round. They have been voted the best accelerator program in Sweden and are one of the highest quality accelerators in Europe with an acceptance rate of just 1 %.

Melinda Elmborg at Fast Track Malmö, tells us why Nudgd was selected to the program:

“We are super happy to have Nudgd in this year’s batch of Fast Track Malmö. We are impressed by their rapid growth among municipalities. We have chosen Nudgd for the program because of their strong team that has the right experience to succeed with a big challenge – changing people’s behavior through a digital service.”

Nudgd is a SaaS platform that uses behavioral science to make sustainable choices simple and accessible. We turn to workplaces and municipalities that want to nudge their employees or municipal residents to climate-smart choices. Already today, more than 20,000 people have been touched to encourage climate-smart travel habits through the Smart Travel Habits platform. Together with Fast Track Malmö and their investment, we will be able to touch even more.

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