Nudgd collaborates with IDEA training UNICEF teams in India

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Courtesy UNICEF India

We are proud and honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with UNICEF India and the Indian organization Institution for Disasters, Emergency & Accidents (IDEA) on a very exciting project focusing on training UNICEFs C4D team.

Combatting Covid-19 disinformation

Our assignment focuses on evaluating needs and to design and deliver an online training package that strengthens the C4D team’s (Communication for Development) capacity in monitoring, evaluating and reporting on C4D initiatives, including strengthening the efforts to combat covid-19 and counter disinformation.

“We are proud and honored for this opportunity to contribute to the important work of IDEA and UNICEF, and have great respect for their endeavors. Monitoring, evaluating and reporting the results of the efforts made is an important step. It enables us to identify the factors that underlie behavior change in order to find potential for improvements, adapting the efforts creating an even greater impact.”
Mattias Adolfsson, Project Manager Nudgd

Courtesy UNICEF India

The process of the C4D-team is cross-sectoral with a mix of communication tools, channels and methods to achieve behavioral changes and facilitate a broad participation from across society. Our work is based on research from social, behavioral and communication sciences. Our team carefully conducts both quantitative and qualitative research, through surveys and in-depth interviews with C4D field officers. Measurement and follow-up efforts are evaluated, drawing on evidence to understand current needs in order to adjust efforts and thus achieve the greatest possible impact.

”Undertaking a qualitative training for UNICEF C4D Team is an honour, as this is one of the most senior team in India. Training them in monitoring and evaluation will have lasting effects on the social programs in society. When the programs are monitored and appropriately evaluated, their impact will also be more significant. ”
– Pooja Saxena, Project Manager IDEA

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