Sustainable Choices Made Easy

We match behavioral challenges with hands on solutions that gives measurable impact in your sustainability initatives.

Take action towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Nudgd offer digital solutions and advisory within the field of behavioral science. By using nudging we make sustainable choices easy and take action towards the Global Sustainable Development Goals.


What benefit the planet benefits the society. We believe in a resource efficient sustainable future. Our future. 

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We work within a wide range of sustainability challenges - such as energy, mobility, waste, littering, water and health.

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Our clients are companies, governmental agencies, municipalities and NGO's. 

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We develop hands on solutions based on behavioral science, psychology and design.

Our digital solutions

Smart Travel Habits

A digital solution that nudges towards sustainble travel habits by using the fresh-start effect and personlized nudges. 

Many people want to start more sustainble travel habits - for both the environment and for personal health. But many have difficulty taking the first step.

That's why we created the digital platform Smart Travel Habits - which provides a friendly and personal little push on the way.  Smart Travel Habits utilizes the so-called fresh-start effect and the potential for behavioral change that arises at new beginnings. The platform provides an automized service to nudge people who has recently relocated or started a new job. With smart and timely nudges, the platform helps to change behaviors and create new habits through targeted messages.

The entire process is measured and analyzed so that you can easily evaluate your sustainability investment.

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The Nudge Database

The Nudge Database matches behavioral challenges with hands on solutions. 

The Nudge Database platform was developed to make it easy to find the right nudge for your specific behavioral challenge.

The database contains a wide variety of nudges within different categories and purposes. It's easy to search for the right nudge and to get an overview of whether the nudge can suit the behavioral challenges your organization is facing right now.

The sustainability challenges that our customers face change over time. Therefore we understand the value of having access to inspiration and best practice as well as knowing that the data is scientifically substantiated and tested in the real world.

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