Umeå Municipality chooses our mobility service Smart Travel Habits in an initiative for more sustainable travel

Natalie Kamra-KregertDigital services and projects, Nudgd

“Umeå City is growing meaning that more people need to choose sustainable modes of transport. As the municipality’s largest workplace, we see great opportunities to become a role model when it comes to sustainable travel.”
Ida Lundström, Traffic Planner, Umeå Municipality

We’re happy that Umeå Municipality has chosen to work with our mobility service Smart Travel Habits is part of Umeå municipality’s work for more sustainable travel. The work is done within the mobility management project Sustainable business travel in which Umeå Municipality participates. The service gives employees access to personalized and well-timed nudges, along with tips for more sustainable travel. Both to and from work and during free time. Here you can explore the service in more detail!

“Research shows that fresh starts make habits easier to break, for example when returning from holiday or moving. With Smart Travels Habits, we use the fresh start effect to make it easier for employees to get started with sustainable travel habits.”
Tim Isaksson, Head of Research at Nudgd

Umeå Municipality has contacted both new residents and its employees within the project. More than 700 employees have already gained access to the service, which makes it the most comprehensive Smart Travel Habit project to date.

Do you have questions about our service Smart Travel Habits or are you curious about whether your organization can use the service to e.g. nudge your residents, employees or visitors?
Contact Natalie Kamra-Kregert, Project Manager Smart Travel Habits

Why use Smart Travel Habits?

“In order to achieve the desired effect that more people will travel sustainably, we believe in offering different alternatives in the form of, for example, services and encouraging transactivity so that there is something for everyone. Smart Travel Habits offers a good complement to our other work on sustainable travel because the service offers a new way of working with these issues.”
– Josefine Wigström, Mobility Coordinator Umeå Municipality

Smart Travel Habits is based on research on behavioral science and uses nudging as a tool to change behaviors. Nudging is a friendly push in the right direction – making it easy to do the right thing.

Smart Travel Habits has, after screening by several independent and internationally recognized experts, been awarded The Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label and thus been placed on the list of the world’s best sustainability solutions.

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