Nudgd and the social network We Don’t Have Time enters a collaboration

Natalie Kamra-KregertNudgd

We Don’t Have Time is a social media network and a tech startup founded in 2017. The network exists all over the world and aims to connect people and leverage the power of social media to hold leaders and companies accountable for climate change.

We Don’t Have Time facilitates collaboration and collective action for decision makers, organisations and individuals to find solutions for solving the climate crisis. The network is a place for dialog and inspiration to help us learn from each other.

At Nudgd we also aim to inspire people to take action and to share concrete solutions to achieve impact for a more sustainable future. The values and visions of Nudgd and We Don’t Have Time correspond and therefore a collaboration is a natural step.

We are very excited about this new partnership with Nudgd. We need to influence climate action in society, and Nudgd has an interesting and very concrete approach to this challenge.

– Ingmar Rentzhog, CEO and founder of We Don’t Have Time

We look forward to creating even more impact together. And we are also happy to welcome We Don’t Have Time as a new member in our networkNudging Sweden!

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