Are you our new trainee?!

Natalie Kamra-KregertNudgd

Are you looking for an exciting internship for the autumn of 2021? This is an internship for you who want to gain practical experience of working with content for digital channels such as social media, website, newsletters and apps. At the same time, you will learn more about nudging in various areas related to sustainability, it can be anything from water to health to mobility and applying behavioral science insights to sustainability challenges.

Umeå Municipality chooses our mobility service Smart Travel Habits in an initiative for more sustainable travel

Natalie Kamra-KregertDigital services and projects, Nudgd

We are very happy that Umeå municipality has chosen to work with our mobility service Smart Travel Habits. Smart Travel Habits is part of Umeå municipality’s work for more sustainable travel. The work is done within the mobility management project Sustainable Business Travel in which Umeå municipality participates. The service gives employees access to personalized and well-timed nudges, along with tips for more sustainable travel. Both to and from work and during free time.

Residents of Masthuggskajen will travel sustainably with Nudgds mobility service Smart Travel Habits.

Natalie Kamra-KregertDigital services and projects, Nudgd

Gothenburg is growing rapidly. This growth is creating new opportuntities as well raising sustainability challenges. The city of Gothenburg chooses Nudgd’s Smart Travel Habits when developing its new district Masthuggskajen. The City is using Nudgds mobility service to make it easier for residents in the area to travel smoothly and more sustainably – during construction, current pandemic and in the future.

We welcome our new Communicaton Officer, Anna

Natalie Kamra-KregertNudgd

Anna is the latest addition to Nudgd’s team, in the role of communications manager.

Anna, what trends in sustainability do you think are most exciting right now?
I think it is exciting how the climate crisis has FINALLY come high on the agenda. The Climate Policy Council’s report came recently and with it we suddenly had a more realistic debate about how little we do to meet the climate goals.

Nudgd and the social network We Don’t Have Time enters a collaboration

Natalie Kamra-KregertNudgd

We Don’t Have Time is a social media network and a tech startup founded in 2017. The network exists all over the world and aims to connect people and leverage the power of social media to hold leaders and companies accountable for climate change. We Don’t Have Time facilitates collaboration and collective action for decision makers, organisations and individuals to find solutions for solving the climate crisis. The network is a place for dialog and inspiration to help us learn … Read More

Nudgd joins international startup accelerator Fast Track Malmö

Natalie Kamra-KregertDigital services and projects, Nudgd

Nudgd Team

Out of 400 applications, Nudgd has been selected by Fast Track Malmö to join their program, with only 8 other companies. Fast Track Malmö is an accelerator that helps European startups to accelerate their growth and raise their first VC round. They have been voted the best accelerator program in Sweden and are one of the highest quality accelerators in Europe with an acceptance rate of just 1 %. Melinda Elmborg at Fast Track Malmö, tells us why Nudgd was … Read More

The significant role of behavioral science in vaccination against Covid-19.

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Behavioral scientists around the world emphasize the importance of using their expertise to encourage more people to do the right thing. We asked Tim Isaksson, Research Manager at Nudgd, for his opinion on what factors are influencing our decision and which nudges can be used to increase uptake. It’s very important for us as industry leaders to do right now, to try to save lives. Behavioral science can help and we have the knowledge needed” Tim Isaksson, Research Manager Nudgd … Read More

We got the chance to chat with Annika Nordlund, Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, Umeå University and also part of Nudgd’s Group of Experts.

Natalie Kamra-KregertNudgd

Hello Annika, thank you for taking the time and chat with us! Can you please tell us a bit more about your research? My research focus on the environmental and social psychological factors that affect our behavior and the extent to which we act environmentally. The interpretation of values, norms and acceptance for different measures and how to create change. The majority of my research concerns transport issues and what can be done to get more people to consider environmentally … Read More

We welcome our new Communicaton Officer, Johanna

Natalie Kamra-KregertNudgd

Hi Johanna, welcome to our team!Thank you so much! Can’t imagine a better start to the new year! Has received such a warm welcome from the team and already feels like one of the gang. What are the most exciting sustainability trends right now according to you?Sustainable consumption and increasing demands from environmentally conscious consumers will continue play an important part of sustainability trends. A challenge but also an opportunity and the companies that succeed in changing their strategy and … Read More

We welcome our new Project Manager, Mattias

Natalie Kamra-KregertNudgd

Hi Mattias and welcome to the team!Thank you so much! Great fun to be a part of! It is exciting to join a team with so much competence and drive. Everyone supports each other and it feels safe to meet customers and partners when you feel that together with this team you solve most things. What are the most exciting sustainability trends right now according to you?In general, I think that the growing awareness and demand for sustainable products and … Read More