The significant role of behavioral science in vaccination against Covid-19.

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Behavioral scientists around the world emphasize the importance of using their expertise to encourage more people to do the right thing. We asked Tim Isaksson, Research Manager at Nudgd, for his opinion on what factors are influencing our decision and which nudges can be used to increase uptake. It’s very important for us as industry leaders to do right now, to try to save lives. Behavioral science can help and we have the knowledge needed” Tim Isaksson, Research Manager Nudgd … Read More

We got the chance to chat with Annika Nordlund, Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, Umeå University and also part of Nudgd’s Group of Experts.

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Hello Annika, thank you for taking the time and chat with us! Can you please tell us a bit more about your research? My research focus on the environmental and social psychological factors that affect our behavior and the extent to which we act environmentally. The interpretation of values, norms and acceptance for different measures and how to create change. The majority of my research concerns transport issues and what can be done to get more people to consider environmentally … Read More

We welcome our new Communicaton Officer, Johanna

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Hi Johanna, welcome to our team!Thank you so much! Can’t imagine a better start to the new year! Has received such a warm welcome from the team and already feels like one of the gang. What are the most exciting sustainability trends right now according to you?Sustainable consumption and increasing demands from environmentally conscious consumers will continue play an important part of sustainability trends. A challenge but also an opportunity and the companies that succeed in changing their strategy and … Read More

We welcome our new Project Manager, Mattias

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Hi Mattias and welcome to the team!Thank you so much! Great fun to be a part of! It is exciting to join a team with so much competence and drive. Everyone supports each other and it feels safe to meet customers and partners when you feel that together with this team you solve most things. What are the most exciting sustainability trends right now according to you?In general, I think that the growing awareness and demand for sustainable products and … Read More

Nudgd speaks at the 2020 Annual POLIS mobility conference

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Nudgd has been invited to this year’s virtual POLIS Conference where cities and regions meet with experts, practitioners and decision makers in urban mobility to showcase achievements in transport. POLIS is the leading network of cities and regions working together to develop innovative technologies and policies for local transport. The conference will cover a wide range of urban mobility topics, including road safety, electric mobility, data, parking, new mobility services, automation, traffic management, active travel and more. At 2:30 PM … Read More

Nudgd invited to UN Global Compact Forum

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On 21-23 September 2020 the UN General Assembly will session for the 75th time. Our CEO Katharina Paoli Brunat has received the honor to showcase our experiences and commitment along with leaders from business, Government and civil society to support women-owned businesses in COVID-19 recovery.

Nudgd is growing!

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Join Nudgd Team

Nudgd is searching for a new Client Relations Manager and a new Project leader! Nudgd is growing fast and we are therefore currently looking for new colleagues who want to work with nudging for sustainability. If you, like us, have big dreams of making the world a better place, go in and read more about the positions and apply today!

Finalist for the We Empower UN SDG Challenge

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We are excited to share that our founder and CEO Katharina Paoli Brunat been selected as a finalist for the 2020 We Empower SDG Challenge, recognizing her work as a women entrepreneur advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals! At Nudgd, we always have the SDGs as our guiding star in every project! The WE Empower Challenge is a global business competition for women entrepreneurs who are advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and inspiring entire communities to create … Read More

Our platform Smart Travel Habits has been named one of the world’s most sustainable solutions

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Nudgd’s innovation Smart Travel Habits has, after several months of screening, by independent internationally recognized experts, been placed on the list of the world’s most sustainable solutions and awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label. Only 1000 innovations can fit and so far only 553 have been selected. The Resvana platform is one of them. The founder of Solar Impulse is the sustainability celebrity Bertrand Piccard who in 2015 became the first in the world to fly around the globe … Read More

Take an online course about Nudging in English

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We are happy to present our online courses in English. Nudgd are experts in sustainability, behavioural science and nudging, and work on several mobility management projects. The courses are a good start for those who want to apply behaviour-changing methods and tools in your business. We kill the myth that sustainable choices are more costly. We also show how you get measurable results and value for your sustainability work – for both the economy, people, and the environment. The courses … Read More