Welcoming our new Communications Associate, Kerstin!

Natalie Kamra-KregertNudgd

Kerstin Ågren
Communications Associate, Nudgd

Hi Kerstin, welcome to our team!

Hi and thank you! I’m very excited to be a part of Nudgd, I have received a warm welcome and I think the team is outstanding in every way!

Why do you think it is interesting to work with sustainability?

During my studies, I have often had the UN Agenda 2030 as a starting point in my work. It was almost a given to continue on that track. Thus, it’s no coincidence that I have now come to a company whose entire business revolves around the UN’s global goals.

I believe sustainability is an issue that should be on everyone’s table. It’s highly relevant that we all take responsibility to create a better world and a healthier planet. What is not least needed is greater awareness of the choices we make and the actions we perform. While communicating about sustainability issues at a company like Nudgd, I can pull my weight. Here I can create visibility – and awareness – around both problems and solutions. At the same time, I learn from the best.

Furthermore, as a communications graduate, I find sustainability interesting mainly because of its complexity. In my profession, much is about creating simple and clear messages. But how can we easily communicate about something so deep and complicated? Provenly, it has been a difficult nut to crack as communication about sustainability has contributed to great controversy and given rise to phenomena such as greenwashing. What’s interesting now is the progress of sustainable communication.

What made you interested in nudging and behavioral science in the first place?

I came across the concept of nudging as a form of communication in my education and immediately became interested. What first caught my interest was the possibility of creating a great impact with relatively small resources. The classic example of flies in the toilets at the airport in Amsterdam was the first thing I read about. Nudging is a type of communication that in many cases barely uses words but still becomes powerful. It is very interesting from a communicative perspective.

Regarding behavioral science, it’s not an uncommon aim for communication campaigns to influence people’s behavior. It became not least noticeable when covid-19 struck during my education. It was interesting to see what messages were sent out right there and then, mainly from municipalities and regions. Influencing human behavior does not have to be as controversial as it sounds because, in the case of Covid-19, it was about making sure that each resident received information about the pandemic and its restrictions, also, that all people followed the restrictions that applied at different times. The latter is thus behavioral (and vital).

What added value are you aiming to bring to the organization?

With my education in media, communication, and PR, I can first and foremost create visibility for the company and the important work we perform. In terms of personality, of course, I also want to contribute with great energy and drive!

What is your favorite nudge?

As I mentioned before, I have a slight penchant for nudges that say a lot without words – and I understand that it may seem strange for a communications associate. But such subtle communication is challenging to achieve. And challenges, I like that. Also, I like reminders at just the right time. Like when you stand frozen in the shower, and the warm water sort of brings the body to life – then it’s good to have a reminder because it’s so easy to get stuck there in a daydream. With that motivation, I want to designate the shower nozzle that communicates water consumption as my favorite nudge at the moment.

What do you do when you are not working?

I like to spend time with family and friends, including my two darling dogs. I also spend a lot of time training, especially running, which I have invested in the last two years. This year, the big challenge will be to run a mountain marathon!

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