Are you our new trainee?!

Nudgd is growing and we are searching for a trainee! We are searching for a trainee to welcome to our organisation. You will learn more about several different areas within nudging and sustainability, everything from water to health to private savings. If you, just like us, have big dreams of making the world a better place then read more here and apply today!

Nudgd is growing!

Nudgd is searching for a new Client Relations Manager and a new Project leader! Nudgd is expanding and are therefore searching for new colleagues who are interested in working with nudging for sustainability. If you, just like us, have big dreams of making the world a better place then read more here and apply today!

Our platform Smart Travel Habits has been named one of the world’s most sustainable solutions

Nudgd’s innovation Smart Travel Habits has, after several months of screening, by independent internationally recognized experts, been placed on the list of the world’s most sustainable solutions and awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label. Only 1000 innovations will be awarded the label and so far only 553 have been selected. Smart Travel Habits is one of them. The founder of Solar Impulse is the sustainability celebrity Bertrand Piccard who in 2015 became the first in the world to fly … Read More

We are devloping a digital coach for smart habits

Heja smarta vanor! We have been granted funding from Vinnova of SEK 300 000 to devlop a digital coach. The main purpose is to make it easy for organizations to use nudging as a method in their sustainability work and make it easy to start, operate and measure the effect of nudges and behavioral activities. Nudging and behavioural design have proven to be powerful tools for contributing to the behavioural changes required to transition to a sustainable future. The funding … Read More

Examples of Nudging for Energy Efficient Living

How do we nudge tenants to save electricity and water, travel in a more sustainable way or make recycling easier? If you work with real estate or as a member of a tenant owners’ association (bostadsförening), our new project can help you with hands on examples on how to use nudging for a more energy efficient living! Together with Mälardalen Energy Agency, the University of Gävle and HSB Norra Stor-Stockholm we are developing a database with good examples of nudging … Read More

We welcome our new Digital Solutions Manager, Ola

Hi Ola, welcome to our team! Thanks! I am happy to be on board! Which do you think are the most exciting sustainability trends right now? Since I come from a tech and start-up background, there are many exciting trends in technology for sustainability right now. One example is autonomous electric vehicles that can reduce emissions and decrease the number of accidents. Combined with new business models and the sharing economy they have the potential to reduce the natural resources … Read More

Behavioral Design and Butt Bin chosen as new words in the Swedish Dictionary

Wow! Both behavioral design and butt bin qualify for the list of this year’s new words in the Swedish Dictionary! Behavioral design – Designing an environment to promote a certain behavior is what we at Nudgd work with every day It is our business DNA. And then when also the word butt bin (fimpomat in Swedish) which is a great example of how we use behavioral design, qualifies, that must be seen as nothing less than jackpot! But what about … Read More