Smart Travel habits will reduce car commuting on Gotland

Natalie Kamra-KregertDigital services and projects

Smart Travel Habits helps employees to travel more sustainably. Nudgd is now also developing an automatic tool for evaluating each employee’s potential to travel more actively, which will lead to 10% fewer car rides to work. The project is carried out together with Region Gotland within the framework of Energy Pilot Gotland 3 and is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.

“Exploring and raising Gotlanders’ travel habits together with Nudgd is very interesting. In the climate and energy change that we need to make, our choices and behaviors play a key role ”- Emelie Waktel, Traffic Planner at Region Gotland.

Our choices and behaviors play a major role in climate and energy change, says Emelie Waktel, Traffic Planner at Region Gotland.

With the new tool, it will be even easier for the user to achieve a behavior change. The information in Smart Travel Habits becomes more relevant for the user through improved personalization. The goal is to nudge the user to the behavior that has the highest potential for change.

“We know that all people have different potential for change towards different behaviors. Therefore it is no point to try and get everyone to cycle more because some simply cannot or do not want to. But in such cases, perhaps the greatest potential for change is towards carpools, which then will be the area where we can make the greatest impact.”Ola Rynge, CTO, Nudgd.

The Swedish Energy Agency has further assessed that Smart Travel Habits contributes to Sweden’s energy and climate goals of reducing emissions from domestic transport by at least 70% by 2030 (compared with 2010) and zero net emissions of greenhouse gasses in 2045.

Do you want to create climate-friendly working conditions and help your employees make climate-smart choices? Contact Natalie Kamra-Kregert, project manager for Smart Travel Habits and sustainable mobility at Nudgd.

The project has received financial support from the European Regional Development Fund through the Swedish Energy Agency’s call Energipilot Gotland and is being carried out together with Region Gotland and CommuteSaver.

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