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We use behavioral psychology to create engagement and measurable results in your sustainability initiatives. 
That’s Sustainable Choices Made Easy.
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Smart Nudges Mobility

Resvana / Smart Nudges Mobility : Web app 

Give your employees or residents a friendly and personal nudge towards sustainable travel habits.

In the wake of climate change, many people want to change their travel habits but find it difficult to take the first step. That's why we created the digital platform Smart Nudges Mobility. Smart Nudges Mobility is based on insights from behavioral science and uses nudging as a tool.With smart and timely nudges we close the gap between intention and action. 

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Hundreds of inspiring nudges to make sustainable choices easy – accessible at one place!

Smart Nudges is a research-based digital platform containing nudges and best practice solutions to facilitate sustainable choices.

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Smart Nudges



Do you want to learn more about nudging and behavioral design?

Attend one of our trainings or book a keynote or a tailor made workshop for your organisation. We offer all talks both online as well as on-site.

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Katharina Paoli speak about Richard Thaler and nudging



The Nudging Sweden network is Scandinavias biggest community for anyone who would like to learn more about nudging. 

We are more than 3 200 professionals working at 40 different organisations and businesses. Members have access to exclusive master classes, networking as well as digital meetups to exchange best practise and discuss collaboration.

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Do you need a kreative nudge to solve a behavioral challenge?

Let us be your behavioral advisor and nudging expertise. We can  help lead a project all the way from behavioral analysis to forming nudges, manage activities and measure the results. 

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Katharina Paoli provides advisory services on nudging

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