The city of Gothenburg chooses Nudgd’s “Smart Travel Habits” when developing new district Masthuggskajen

Changes provide an opportunity to create new habits. With our mobility service Smart Travel Habits, we offer an opportunity for the people of Gothenburg to try out new travel habits. As a bonus, the citizens can enjoy cleaner air, less noise and better health!”
– Katharina Paoli Brunat, CEO at Nudgd

Gothenburg is growing rapidly. This creates a lot of opportunities but also sustainability challenges. When Masthuggskajen, a new district in the central part of Gothenburg, is being developed the City uses Nudgd’s digital mobility service Smart Travel Habits to facilitate smooth and more sustainable travels – during the construction time, the current pandemic and in the future.

We want to test opportunities that Smart Travel Habits offers for us to reach our citizens with tailored and relevant communication that encourages more sustainable travel habits.
Elin Asplind, public relations manager at Masthuggskajen, the City of Gothenburg

Smart Travel Habits is based on insights from behavioral science and uses nudging as a tool. It provides a friendly and personal push in the right direction. With smart and timely nudges, the platform helps create new behaviors and habits through targeted messages for each target group.

With Smart Travel Habits, the residents of Masthuggskajen get free access to personalized and accessible information for sustainable travels in the city. Want to have a sneak peek? Go check it out!

Do you want to know more about nudging towards sustainable travel habits?
Join our online webinar on May 6. Register here for the Swedish version. English speaker? No problem! E-mail us for more information.

Why did the City of Gothenburg choose Smart Travel Habits?

We want to make it easier for residents and companies in the area to choose sustainable transportation. In addition, we want to reach out with information about the building project and hassle free travels during the construction time.
– Elin Asplind, public relations manager at Masthuggskajen, the City of Gothenburg

The City of Gothenburg and the developers of Masthuggskajen have high ambitions on sustainability for the new district. Public transport as well as bike lanes and car sharing facilities are being developed, to mention but a few measures that are being taken. A big challenge during the construction is accessibility.

The car traffic needs to decrease by 20 % in order to avoid traffic jams. Another challenge, as well as an opportunity – is the pandemic.

Many people are commuting by car or bike during the pandemic. We want to encourage more people to start biking whilst at the same time riding less cars. This is even more important when the pandemic is over.
– Elin Asplind, public relations manager at Masthuggskajen, the City of Gothenburg

We are very proud to be a part of this important work with our mobility service Smart Travel Habits!

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