These are the best working nudges

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New research confirms the effects of nudges: nudging works. On all target groups. Nudging has an effect regardless of who you aim it at. However, there is a difference between different nudges. Some work a little better than others. Drawing on 200 studies on behavioral interventions, a new meta-analysis shows that nudges overall promote behavior change with a small to medium effect size. Nudges targeting decision structure outperform nudges targeting decision information or decision assistance. This means that pre-arranged settings, … Read More

The significant role of behavioral science in vaccination against Covid-19.

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Behavioral scientists around the world emphasize the importance of using their expertise to encourage more people to do the right thing. We asked Tim Isaksson, Research Manager at Nudgd, for his opinion on what factors are influencing our decision and which nudges can be used to increase uptake. It’s very important for us as industry leaders to do right now, to try to save lives. Behavioral science can help and we have the knowledge needed” Tim Isaksson, Research Manager Nudgd … Read More

We welcome our new COO, Marie

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Hey Marie, welcome to our team! Thank you! I am happy to be part of the Nudgd team! I am happy to be part of the Nudgd team! What are the most exciting sustainability trends right now according to you? The new trend is that sustainability is getting more attention nowadays and the knowledge about it is important for both management and board of directors. Sustainability is trendy! Sustainability is trendy! What made you interested in nudging and behavioral science … Read More

Keeping clean with the help of nudging

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Did you know that there is a gigantic plastic island in the Pacific Ocean which is about three times bigger than the area of Sweden? This plastic island consists of 79 000 tons of plastic and is situated between California and Hawaii. The reason that plastic collects in the ocean is the movement of the sea currents and the fact that we, people, throw away plastic in nature – on the beach for example. What can we do to help … Read More

ChangeNow Summit in Paris

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What do Boyan Slat from The Ocean Cleanup, Marian Godell from The Burning Man project and Katharina Paoli Brunat from Nudgd have in common? Apart from trying to save the planet they will be keynote speakers at the ChangeNow summit in Paris this week. ChangeNow is the largest positive impact gathering in the world. The summit’s goal is to showcase urgent ideas for the 21st century, develop and accelerate specific solutions, and encourage large-scale action and collaboration between private and … Read More

Behavioral Design and Butt Bin chosen as new words in the Swedish Dictionary

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Wow! Both behavioral design and butt bin qualify for the list of this year’s new words in the Swedish Dictionary! Behavioral design – Designing an environment to promote a certain behavior is what we at Nudgd work with every day It is our business DNA. And then when also the word butt bin (fimpomat in Swedish) which is a great example of how we use behavioral design, qualifies, that must be seen as nothing less than jackpot! But what about … Read More