Nudgd wins the prestigious Mobility Action Award!

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With great pride and joy, we at Nudgd are pleased to announce that we have won the coveted Mobility Action Award. This award is not just a victory for us but also a confirmation of the positive impact we have on society and the environment.

In collaboration with the City of Helsingborg, through Smart Nudges Mobility, we have revolutionized how students, parents, and teachers think about and choose sustainable travel habits. By applying nudging principles, we have created a powerful change in travel behavior, which has contributed to more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility within the school world.

The ceremony in Brussels became a memorable event where our CTO, Ola Rynge, together with Emma Kangas, project manager at the City of Helsingborg’s environmental administration, proudly received the award.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our dedicated team, our partners, and all of you who believe in our mission. Your support inspires us every day and is crucial for our continued journey – this is a success we share together!

A special thanks is also directed to Emma Kangas, Åsa Bjering, and the rest of the team at the City of Helsingborg, as well as EIT Urban Mobility. Without your help, your support, and your collaboration, this success would not have been possible.

Receiving the Mobility Action Award is an important milestone that not only recognizes the work we have carried out but also underscores our determination to continue developing and implementing solutions that make it easier for people to make sustainable choices.

You can also read more about our project and the results here

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