Nudging to get more people to buy more fruit and vegetables

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Future Hub: Solution to increase fruit and vegetable consumption

Now we are targeting Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania! We at Nudgd are happy to have been selected for the Future Hub program. It’s a program for digital innovation developed by Helve, and the focus is on health and sustainability. In the program, larger companies have identified challenges that must be solved, and we have been matched with the Baltic food company Rimi to nudge their customers towards more sustainable choices. Rimi is a leading food company in the Baltics, has a total of 277 food stores and is a subsidiary of ICA Gruppen.

The first challenge is to get more of Rimi’s customers to buy fruit and vegetables. Eating more plant-based is both healthy and climate friendly. According to the UN, plant-based food has a low negative impact on the environment. Because on a plant-based diet, generally less land, energy, and water, are used! Fruit and vegetable greenhouse gas emissions only make up 0,9 and 0,7 kilograms per kilogram of food respectively. In addition, you get healthier food in the bargain, win-win!

Together with Rimi, we at Nudgd will work on how we can change consumers’ behavioral habits both online and in store. Collaborations like this inspire us at Nudgd to continue our mission for a healthier and more sustainable future!

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