A new nudge will make soccer players reduce the environmental impact of artificial turf

Natalie Kamra-KregertDigital services and projects, Nudging

Soccer players spread tons of rubber granules in the environment each year. The rubber granules – the round, small rubber pieces in artificial turf – contribute to higher utilization and better playing qualities. But the granules have a negative environmental impact if they spread outside the fields. Players, coaches, and other individuals staying on artificial turf are responsible for most of the rubber granule spreading. The reason is that it sticks to clothes and shoes. The spreading equates to tons … Read More

Nudgd speaks at the 2020 Annual POLIS mobility conference

Katharina Paoli BrunatDigital services and projects, Nudgd, Public appearances by Nudgd

Nudgd has been invited to this year’s virtual POLIS Conference where cities and regions meet with experts, practitioners and decision makers in urban mobility to showcase achievements in transport. POLIS is the leading network of cities and regions working together to develop innovative technologies and policies for local transport. The conference will cover a wide range of urban mobility topics, including road safety, electric mobility, data, parking, new mobility services, automation, traffic management, active travel and more. At 2:30 PM … Read More

We welcome our new COO, Marie

Katharina Paoli BrunatNudgd

Hey Marie, welcome to our team! Thank you! I am happy to be part of the Nudgd team! I am happy to be part of the Nudgd team! What are the most exciting sustainability trends right now according to you? The new trend is that sustainability is getting more attention nowadays and the knowledge about it is important for both management and board of directors. Sustainability is trendy! Sustainability is trendy! What made you interested in nudging and behavioral science … Read More

Examples of Nudging for Energy Efficient Living

Katharina Paoli BrunatDigital services and projects, Nudgd

How do we nudge tenants to save electricity and water, travel in a more sustainable way or make recycling easier? If you work with real estate or as a member of a tenant owners’ association (bostadsförening), our new project can help you with hands on examples on how to use nudging for a more energy efficient living! Together with Mälardalen Energy Agency, the University of Gävle and HSB Norra Stor-Stockholm we are developing a database with good examples of nudging … Read More