Nudging for climate-smart neighborhoods in Brazil

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We are in Curitiba, Brazil, for our Climate Smart Cities Challenge project! Curitiba is the capital of the state of Parana in southern Brazil and has about 3 million inhabitants. Our collaboration with the city to create climate smart neighborhoods was noticed by the Brazilian local newspaper CGN and also by the TV station TVCI! We are happy that the project is starting to bear fruit and that knowledge of it is spreading and can inspire more people!

Last year, Nudgd won the Climate Smart Cities Challenge! The prize was €100 000 to help the Brazilian city of Curitiba meet its climate goals. Areas that we focus on within the project are mobility, energy, and waste – some of our favorite areas to work on! We won the competition with our innovative SaaS platform Smart Nudges, which gently nudges residents and is based on behavioral science methods. Behind the Climate Smart Cities Challenge are UN-Habitat and Viable Cities and the initiative is also financed by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency, and several international organizations.

Now the project is in full swing! Nudgd’s CEO Katharina Paoli and CTO Ola Rynge are on site in Curitiba – follow their activities live via stories on Nudgd Facebook and Instagram in the coming weeks. As usual, we work according to the nudging process and start with a behavioral analysis. During the visit, we will meet, workshop, and interview residents, partners, and representatives from the city.
We look forward to continued inspiring work with the team AMA – Agentes do Meio Ambiente, Ambiente Livre and Smart Green Station!

Do you want to know more about us or how we can help you? Contact our CEO, Katharina Paoli, or book a meeting with us!

Our collaboration with the city to promote climate smart neighborhoods was noticed by the TV station TVCI

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