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How about having a behavioral expert in your team on an ongoing basis? Someone you can bring to meetings with the management team or important customers, someone you can call to discuss various issues with a focus on understanding and influencing behavior. Sounds interesting, right?

Now we offer CBO as a Service. A Chief Behavioral Officer (CBO) helps companies understand and influence behavior. CBO as a Service means that you have access to senior behavioral expertise but do not need to hire someone full-time.

There is a strong trend among large international companies to appoint a CBO, as nudging and other behavioral science methods can effectively create both cost-effective results and measurable behavioral change as part of the company’s value proposition and business models. Instead of adding new features or changing rewards, it’s about making smart decisions easier.

What can a CBO do for your team? Here are some highlights:

  • Lead behavioral analysis and behavioral design:Scientific analysis lets you know what your customers and users are really thinking and feeling. The result? Design that makes it easy to do the right thing.
  • Maximize engagement: Everything from services to communication campaigns is tailored to capture interest. This is achieved by identifying the best strategies, messages and designs based on behavioral science and psychology.
  • Evaluation: Work data-driven. Careful studies and smart data collection ensure that your decisions are based on solid facts. A CBO will help you understand what data is relevant and how best to set up measurement and analysis of behavioral interventions.
  • Educate your team: The CBO helps the whole team to become sharper. Together, you’ll learn to understand what drives and hinders people’s behavior, and how to design with the brain in mind.

Now for the exciting part! If you see the value of a CBO but are not ready for a full-time position, we have the solution: CBO-as-a-Service!

With our service, you get access to all the best of our team of behavioral designers, whether we’re with you in the office or helping out remotely.

What makes our CBOs so special? A unique combination of expertise in behavioral science, analytics, measurement, design for sustainability, UX and extensive experience in managing behavioral change projects.

Want to know more about our CBO-as-a-service?

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