Smart Travel habits – Digital nudging for sustainable travel habits

Natalie Kamra-Kregert Hållbarhet, Kundcase, Nudgds tjänster

BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGE: Get more people to choose sustainable travel options in everyday lifeMany people want to start traveling more climate-smart but have difficulty getting started. Everyday stress and old habits are often in the way. Travel habits are also the kind of habits that are a little extra difficult to change, as they are deeply rooted and partly determined by infrastructure, distance, and wallet. How can nudging help more people create sustainable travel habits?SMART NUDGE: The digital platform Smart Nudges Mobility … Read More

A yummy reward: water-smart employees are encouraged with a cake party

Natalie Kamra-Kregert Kundcase

BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGE: Get employees to think and act water-smartLaholmsbuktens VA (LBVA) wanted to inspire municipal residents, customers, and partners to become water-smart. To do so, we sought to turn its employees into role models. The goal was to get employees to think and act water-smart.  Could nudging and behavioral design be a useful tool? After a behavior analysis and implementation of several different behavioral initiatives we believed that the answer was yes.SMART NUDGE: Cake party and friendly remindersWe started a … Read More

Prevent the spread of disinformation about Covid-19

Natalie Kamra-Kregert Kundcase

ASSIGNMENT: Evaluate the training needs and create a training package for UNICEF’s C4D teamWe are proud and happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with UNICEF and the Indian organization Institution for Disasters, Emergency & Accidents (IDEA) in an exciting project with focus on training Unicef’s C4D team (Communication for Development team). Our mission was to evaluate the training needs and create a training package that strengthens the C4D team’s capacity in results-monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of C4D initiatives. … Read More

Nudging for improved health in the workplace: step by step

Natalie Kamra-Kregert Kundcase

BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGE: Get employees to take the stairs instead of the elevatorChoosing the stairs instead of the elevator more often would do most of us good, both physically and mentally. But it is difficult to change behavior. What mainly happens is that we go on autopilot and continue to do what we always do. To change behavior, we must learn to break the autopilot. It is easier said than done. However, with the help of a clear reminder at just … Read More

Postcard nudged employees to climate-friendly travels

Natalie Kamra-Kregert Kundcase

BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGE: Get staff to choose cycling and public transportA constant challenge for many municipalities is to get residents to choose more sustainable means of transport when they go to work, leisure activities, or school. Push the journey right, was a collaborative project between Eskilstuna, Uppsala, Nyköping, Västerås, and Örebro municipalities where all municipalities wanted to test nudging as a method for creating positive behavioral changes in mobility. In Örebro, the nudge was directed to the staff at municipal administrations. … Read More

Nudging for reduced littering

Natalie Kamra-Kregert Kundcase

BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGE: Get beachgoers to pick up their rubbishVätterstranden is a well-visited area in Jönköping. Visitors come here to socialize, swim and have coffee. But unfortunately, the municipality had major problems with visitors often leaving their rubbish on the ground. They, therefore, wanted to test whether nudging could get more people to bring the rubbish to the nearest rubbish bin. Jönköping municipality took help from Nudgd to measure the effect of nudging.SMART NUDGE: Garbage collection stations with target group-adapted nudgesThe … Read More

Pigeons help smokers use ashtrays in Gothenburg

Natalie Kamra-Kregert Kundcase

BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGE: Reduce the number of cigarette butts at tram stopsIn the city of Gothenburg, cigarette butts account for 70% of all litter. It’s a littering problem that needs to be solved and, if it is, the total littering will decrease enormously. Göteborgs Stad asked us to give it all we got. A specific area was selected in which the littering of cigarette butts was meant to stop. But where would the littering go? When putting out a cigarette, the … Read More

Nudging for reduced littering in Skåne

Natalie Kamra-Kregert Kundcase

BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGE: Reduce the number of cigarette butts on the groundThe waste company Sysav heard about the success of our previous cigarette butt project at tram stops in Gothenburg and was inspired – could a similar nudge work at bus stops in Skåne?SMART NUDGE: Colorful ashtrays and humorous signsA nudge makes it easy to do the right thing without force, bribery, or punishment. To make it easy for the smokers in Skåne to put out cigarettes properly, we made the … Read More