Behavioral Design and Butt Bin chosen as new words in the Swedish Dictionary

Katharina Paoli BrunatNudgd, Nudging

Wow! Both behavioral design and butt bin qualify for the list of this year’s new words in the Swedish Dictionary!

Behavioral design – Designing an environment to promote a certain behavior is what we at Nudgd work with every day It is our business DNA. And then when also the word butt bin (fimpomat in Swedish) which is a great example of how we use behavioral design, qualifies, that must be seen as nothing less than jackpot!

But what about the word nudging then? Well, it is included in the concept of behavioral design, where nudging with the purpose of being of benefit for the society is a method. In fact, already in May 2015, nudging was chosen as the new word of the month in Sweden and now behavioral design takes place in the official dictionary of the Swedish Academy. “Finally!”, we shout out loud in excitement.

Butt bin in Lund
A butt bin (in the background) we did for the city of Lund already back in 2018

But the news is actually that no less than 10 out of 35 new Swedish words have something to do with climate change, which gives weight to the fact that we are indeed in a climate emergency (Swedish word “klimatnödläge” which translates climate emergency, being one of the new words).

Using behavioral design to get more people to act on climate change is a core value to our company. But the person who must receive an extra applaud for impact on the matter is the fantastic Greta Thunberg. The fact that the word “the Greta effect” (Gretaeffekten in Swedish) qualifies as a word itself, is proof that all individuals’ actions counts.

Greta is extraordinary! But what if we all get together and raise our voice like she does? If we speak out clearly about climate change and actually start to act and behave accordingly? Imagine what effect we could have in just one year! Because despite all the nice new words, what is needed for 2020 is simply – that we go from words to action!

All new Swedish words 2019 are found in the nyordslista 2019

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