We talk about large-scale nudging on Mobility & Behaviour

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Today and tomorrow, the annual conference Mobility & Behavior is held, which is Sweden’s most important meeting place for sustainable mobility. Due to the situation around the corona virus, the organizers Green Motorists decided to conduct the conference as a digital conference. Katharina Paoli Brunat is invited to present Nudgd’s digital service Smart Travel Habits and now participants and lecturers will meet over the video conferencing tool Zoom instead.

A message is sent via SMS and contains a unique link with information and the recipient is nudged in several ways towards more climate friendly travel habits.

As the name reveals, Smart Travel Habits nudges people into more sustainable travel habits. Since the service is digital, it has the ability to reach lots of people and deliver smart nudges via text messages at just the right time. It will be large-scale nudging that thus can create large-scale change. Smart Travel Habits utilizes the so-called fresh-start effect and uses the potential for behavioural change that arises at new beginnings. The platform provides, for example, newly relocated or newly hired people with individualized information based on their unique circumstances. Many people want to start traveling more climate friendly but have difficulty taking the first step.

For example, Smart Travel Habits provides information on how far you can reach by cycling 20 minutes, where bicycle pumps are located or where to find the nearest bus stop. When you discover a flat tyre the first time you’re off for a bike trip in your new city, the rescue, for both your bike and your new travel habits, may be knowing that the nearest bicycle pump is no more than a 3 minute walk away from you. Want to know more about Smart Travel Habits? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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