Welcome to our team Johanna!

Hi Johanna, welcome to our team!Thank you so much! Thanks so much, can’t imagine a better start to the new year. I’m so excited to join a team with so much knowledge and drive and where sustainability is at the forefront of the business strategy. What are are the most exciting sustainability trends right now according to you?Sustainable consumption and increasing demands from environmentally conscious consumers will continue play an important part of sustainability trends. A challenge but also an … Read More

Are you our new trainee?!

Nudgd is growing and we are searching for a trainee! We are searching for a trainee to welcome to our organisation. You will learn more about several different areas within nudging and sustainability, everything from water to health to private savings. If you, just like us, have big dreams of making the world a better place then read more here and apply today!

We welcome our new Digital Solutions Manager, Ola

Ola Rynge CTO

Hi Ola, welcome to our team! Thanks! I am happy to be on board! Which do you think are the most exciting sustainability trends right now? Since I come from a tech and start-up background, there are many exciting trends in technology for sustainability right now. One example is autonomous electric vehicles that can reduce emissions and decrease the number of accidents. Combined with new business models and the sharing economy they have the potential to reduce the natural resources … Read More