Take an online course about Nudging in English

Katharina Paoli BrunatExpertise & courses, Nudgd, Nudging

We are happy to present our online courses in English. Nudgd are experts in sustainability, behavioural science and nudging, and work on several mobility management projects. The courses are a good start for those who want to apply behaviour-changing methods and tools in your business. We kill the myth that sustainable choices are more costly. We also show how you get measurable results and value for your sustainability work – for both the economy, people, and the environment. The courses … Read More

We run all our courses online

Katharina Paoli BrunatExpertise & courses, Nudgd

Due to the current COVID-19 development, we have chosen to convert upcoming courses into a digital format. Our course offeringsusually include online courses and we have extensive experience in online meetings and webinars (did you know that our entire team works remotely and we have the majority of both internal and client meetings online?). We are happy to share our experiences and hope that our online courses, in addition to knowledge about nudging, can give you inspiration and tips on … Read More