Changing Habits – Presentation from ChangeNow

Katharina Paoli BrunatNudgd, Public appearances by Nudgd

Our CEO Katharina Paoli Brunat went to Paris to present at ChangeNow, the largest international conference held to share solutions for a sustainable future. ChangeNow is the largest positive impact gathering in the world and only a few weeks ago our CEO Katharina Paoli Brunat was there to share knowledge about changing habits. We are happy to present this video of her presentation to everyone that is eager to hear her keynote speech.

ChangeNow annually gathers and celebrates changemakers who want to create and share solutions for a sustainable future. ”The world is facing critical challenges. But nothing we can’t overcome! All around the globe, inspiring individuals are inventing new solutions, rethinking the way we do business, challenging the status quo.” By sharing solutions that have the potential to grow, participants tackle challenges connected to the Sustainable Development Goals and create possibilities for projects and ideas that make real impact to replicate all over the world.

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