Digitala solutions based on nudging

Our digital solutions are concrete tools that help you in your work to achieve a more sustainable and resource-efficient future.

Smart Travel habits

Give your employees or residents a friendly and personal push on the road to sustainable travel.

Many want to start traveling more climate-smart but find it difficult to take the first step. That's why we created the digital platform Resvana - which gives a friendly and personal push along the way. With smart nudges at the right time, the platform creates new behaviors and habits through target group-adapted messages.

Smart Travel Habits uses the start-up effect and uses the potential for behavioral change that occurs at a new start. The platform provides, for example, newly relocated or newly hired individualized information based on their unique conditions.

The message is sent via SMS, which contains a unique link with information, and in several stages, the recipient is nudged into more climate-smart travel habits. The entire process is finally measured and analyzed so that you can best evaluate your sustainability investment.

Smart Nudges

A collection of inspiring and concrete solutions to make sustainable choices easy.

What nudges can I use to solve my particular problem? How do I find the right nudge for the right place and the right opportunity? Smart Nudges is a research-based digital platform containing many nudges and concrete examples of how you can facilitate sustainable choices. The platform makes it easy to find the right nudge and provides a clear overview of how others have done, what effect you can expect, and how to implement the nudge in your business.

Behavioral challenges change over time, and we thus understand the value of having ongoing access to inspiration and the best methods for solving them. In Smart Nudges, you will find scientifically substantiated nudges tested in reality.