We welcome our new Communicaton Officer, Johanna

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Johanna Desthon
Communications Manager, Nudgd AB

Hi Johanna, welcome to our team!
Thank you so much! Can’t imagine a better start to the new year! Has received such a warm welcome from the team and already feels like one of the gang.

What are the most exciting sustainability trends right now according to you?
Sustainable consumption and increasing demands from environmentally conscious consumers will continue play an important part of sustainability trends. A challenge but also an opportunity and the companies that succeed in changing their strategy and creating new business models that do not have a negative impact on our planet will be better prepared for future disruption. Circular economy plays a major role here, as well as the decision-making process itself and the social context and physical environment we find ourselves in as consumers. With the help of nudging, we can influence people’s decisions in that particular moment when important decisions are being made and increase the chances of sustainable alternatives.

What made you interested in nudging and behavioral science in the first place?
In recent years, I have become more and more interested in the environmental issue from a communication perspective and therefore applied for the MSc Program Environmental Communication and Management at SLU, that’s where I first came in contact with the concept of nudging. I became interested in how design and behavioral science can help break established patterns and create new positive behaviors.

Still today, there is a large gap between research and facts about climate change and concrete action. With the results in hand, we now know that information is not enough to make us act, it takes more than a climate report to get us humans to change our behaviors in a sustainable direction. We must understand the psychosocial factors that underlie our decisions and adapt our communication accordingly.

What added value are you aiming to bring to the organization?
My hope is that with my vast experience as a communicator and communication manager in the design and sustainability area, I will contribute to further increase awareness of nudging and build the Nudgd brand both here in Sweden and globally. Nudgd has a strong offering and provides hands on solutions that help companies adjust to a more sustainable future in accordance with the global sustainability goals. To take action and make sustainable choices easy is exactly what it takes to transition towards a more sustainable society.

What is your favourite nudge?
I am especially interested in nudges that challenge the status quo and people’s irrational preference for prevailing alternatives although the alternative ones are more advantageous. Most of us have good intentions and incentives to change our behavior, but still tend to choose the ‘normal state’ of an old habit. Therefore, default nudges work very well, we perceive it as the prevailing condition and choose it automatically. Most of us have good intentions and incentives to change our behavior, but still tend to choose the ‘normal state’ of old habit. Therefore, default nudges work very well. We perceive it as the prevailing condition and choose it automatically. One concrete example is to have environmental shipping alternatives as a default in the web shop for reduced emissions, you can learn more about that in this article.

What do you do when you are not working?
I like to spend my free time with my family and friends. I am also engaged in the Transition Network, we have initiated a local group in my neighborhood, hoping it will grow and lead to many new sustainability initiatives. New ideas and creativity are needed to be able to create a more sustainable lifestyle. I’m also interested in cultivation and spend a lot of free time in my garden. For me, cultivation is about creating the best conditions for a new life and in addition to spending a lot of time in the garden and taking care of the plants, I read a lot of garden books, everything from garden design to biology and botany. It’s a fascinating world that I never get enough of and I get just as happy every time I manage to make a plant thrive in the garden.

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