Welcome to our team Anna!

Anna Linell
Acting Communications Manager, Nudgd AB

Hi Anna, welcome to our team!
Thank you so much! I’m very excited to be a part of the Nudgd Team with so much knowhow and energy.

What are the most exciting sustainability trends right now according to you?
I think it is exciting how the climate crisis FINALLY has made it to the top of the public agenda. In Sweden, a critical report (in swedish) on Sweden’s climate policy was published by the Swedish Climate Policy Council last week. All of a sudden we had a more realistic debate on the actions we need to take in order to achieve the climate goals. Moreover, a new report from WWF Sweden (in swedish)shows that six out of ten Swedes worry about the climate crisis, compared to four out of ten a year ago.

What is even more exciting, is that people are willing to take action. The report shows that, during the last year, half of the respondents have tried to reduce their climate impact. One out of three are now biking or walking instead of driving. Many people are also consuming less (report in swedish) and have shifted to more climate friendly diets. I think these are very promising figures!

What made you interested in nudging and behavioral science in the first place?
My academic and professional background is within environmental sciences and economics. Sometimes, I give lectures about policy making for sustainable development. I tell the students about political, financial and legal instruments as well as information and campaigns as tools, in order to change behavior and steer towards sustainability.

I also tell the students: the problem is that they don’t seem to work very well. Or rather, they are not implemented very well. We are soon crossing many of the planetary boundaries and the 1,5 degree goal is not within reach with the policies in place at the moment. The problem is of course that there are not enough policies in place. But another problem might be how we convey our message. In this regard, nudging and behavioral design are interesting pieces of the puzzle that I’m looking forward to learning more about.

What added value are you aiming to bring to the organization?
In terms of competence and experience, I have many years of experience in both operational and strategic sustainability work in various organisations and fields. With my broad background within all aspects of sustainability, I’m hoping to add to Nudgd’s holistic approach and systems perspective.

What is your favourite nudge?
The transport sector is responsible for about a third of the fossil gas emissions in Sweden today. That’s not fair! In order to reduce emissions we need to work with all the tools in the toolbox. One important solution is to change our travel habits. Today, all too many travels are made by car. That’s bad for the climate as well as public health. Because of this, I think Nudgd’s digital platform “Smart Travel Habits” is a fantastic nudging tool. Smart Travel Habits utilizes the so-called fresh-start effect and uses the potential for behavioral change that arises at new beginnings. The platform provides, for example, newly relocated or newly hired people with individualized information based on their unique circumstances.

What do you do when you are not working?
When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my family. With two small kids there is not much time left for anything else. If I’m not with the family, you’ll find me in the woods meditating on a rock, swimming in a secluded lake or perhaps skiing when the season is right. Or you’ll find me in the kitchen, cooking climate friendly food (in swedish) – sustainable food and farming is my greatest passion. I am also involved in the Swedish Transition Network, working towards resilient and regenerative local communities.

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