We encourage joint ownership at HSB Living Lab

Natalie Kamra-KregertNudging

Residents in HSB’s Living Lab have the opportunity to borrow items such as tools, kitchen utensils, sewing machines, irons, exercise equipment, and kubb games. The items are easily accessible to everyone and are stored in two shared lockers in the common space on the entrance floor. But many of the residents didn’t know the lockers existed and didn’t know how they worked, so we at Nudgd were tasked with making the lockers visible, instructing, reminding them of the opportunity, and encouraging the use of the shared possessions.

To arouse curiosity about the sharing cabinets, we produced a set of quirky signs. Two signs were stuck on the lockers to make the shared possessions visible, one sign was hung from the ceiling to make the location of the lockers visible, and the remaining signs were placed in strategic locations around the property to provide a whimsical reminder just at the right moment.

“The residents themselves got to choose which gadgets will be in the sharing cupboards and our hope is that this format of shared ownership will reduce their consumption and increase their well-being,” says Madelaine Doufrix, project coordinator at HSB Living Lab.

Reusing, borrowing, and sharing things with each other, especially things that are not used very often, is beneficial for both the climate and your wallet! If residents use the things they already have instead of buying new, they can live much more resource-efficiently. They also get closer to each other by owning things together. To further enhance the sense of community, we have equipped the cube game with a party logo. This is the cube game’s own diary where residents can fill in the adventures the cube game has taken them on. We also hope that the party log will encourage and inspire more residents to use other borrowed items.

Sharing cabinets are a climate-smart facility in apartment buildings. Book a meeting with us and we’ll talk more about how you can improve your properties.

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