Our new UX-designer – welcome Ivar!

Natalie Kamra-KregertNudgd

Ivar Ullstad
UX-designer, Nudgd

Hello Ivar, welcome to our team!

Hello, thank you very much! It feels like I have found the right place and am already a part of the team.

Why do you find it interesting to work with sustainability?

I have had the opportunity to learn a lot in life and in areas that interest me. I want to use my knowledge to make a difference in the world and for me, the climate crisis is the biggest problem the world is facing. The feeling of contributing with my skills and working for a sustainable future makes me proud.

What made you interested in nudging and behavioral science in the first place?

I have always been interested in people. My interest grew as I traveled to many different parts of the world and met many different types of people. After that, I studied behavioral science and became very interested in social psychological theories. I was impressed by how well you could explain behavior and how my perspective increased just by putting words to behaviors.

The first time I was introduced to nudging theory was actually not when I was studying behavioral science but instead when I was focusing on interaction design. Nudging was used there to describe how design and technology can influence people’s decisions.

What added value can you bring to the organization?

I have a master’s in Human-computer interaction and right now I am studying Design Lead at Hyper Island, which has developed my skills in design. I also have previous experience and knowledge within Behavioral science which means that I can easily apply other knowledge in the area of nudges. I have a lot of various interests, and as a person, I am responsive and curious, and often end up in situations where there is a lot of room for learning. I want to use the knowledge I gain in these situations to test and explore, which allows me to contribute with new perspectives.

Which is your favorite nudge and why?

The best thing about nudges, for me, is their simplicity. Therefore, my favorite nudge is a simple one. Equipping trash cans with encouraging messages is such an easy and fun way to keep the community clean. It makes me think about the difference between gamification and playification. Namely, to motivate through internal influences such as doing something because it is fun rather than receiving a reward for it. I prefer playification.

What do you do when you are not working?

I am a person who likes to be active and engages in activities such as throwing plastic, known as disc golf. Another activity that interests me is climbing, both indoors and outdoors. When I am at home I play board games and computer games.

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