Our new Project Coordinator – welcome Victor!

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Victor Bärring
Project Coordinator, Nudgd

Hi Victor, welcome to our team!

Why do you find it interesting to work on sustainability?

After high school, I had a clear idea that I wanted to work in marketing and sales. But once I started studying for it, I realized how poorly it fit my own philosophy of life and I had a very strong counter-reaction to the consumer society, which at the time had an extremely low focus on sustainability.

What made you interested in nudging and behavioral science in the first place?

I have long been interested in mobility and especially in urban environments where there is huge potential to create more pleasant environments for people. This vision is often shared by citizens, yet it is not being realized, or at least it is extremely slow. I don’t believe in bans as a method, it should be about getting individuals to make more sustainable decisions themselves.

What added value can you bring to the organization?

I will contribute with expertise in the mobility field and help Nudgd as a company to help more actors with sustainable mobility.

What is your favorite nudge and why?

Pre-selection to promote sustainability, a more concrete example is that one organization told us how, in connection with travel, they needed to describe the trip itself and not casually book a car. The car option still existed for employees, but for shorter trips other options were encouraged. Easy to do the right thing!

What do you do when you are not working?

Right now I am training for the Helsingborg Marathon, I was in the first edition and now it has been 10 years since then.

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