Our new Marketing Manager – Welcome Muris!

Natalie Kamra-KregertNudgd

Muris Begovic
Marketing Manager, Nudgd

Hi Muris, welcome to our team!

Hi! Thanks a lot, it feels really good to be part of the team!

Why do you find it interesting to work with sustainability?

Working in sustainability provides a sense of meaning and purpose because you can contribute to making the world a better place. I am particularly passionate about the combination of sustainability and business. Working on sustainability in a business context often means having to think creatively to find solutions to complex problems.

What made you interested in nudging and behavioral science in the first place?

Recently, I have been working in marketing in various forms, through which I discovered nudging. I realized that nudging and behavioral science could be applied in my work to increase the effectiveness of campaigns, increase customer loyalty and conversion rates, among other things. I also learned that the concept can be used to do good in society by promoting sustainable behavior.

What added value can you bring to the organization?

I believe that I can bring to the organization a broad knowledge in marketing and commercialization, which can help the company achieve its business goals. In addition to this, I also have an academic background in sustainable business in the form of a master’s degree, which can be valuable for an overall understanding of sustainability in a business context. My interest in entrepreneurship and innovative solutions allows me to contribute with an eye for new opportunities that can help the organization grow and develop in new areas.

Which is your favorite nudge and why?

My favorite nudge is to use an accountability partner for short-term goals. This involves writing down your short-term goals and sharing them with someone you trust, like a friend or family member. Making your goals visible and tangible to others can increase your motivation to achieve them and create a sense of accountability.

What do you do when you are not working?

For relaxation, I like to play the guitar, which I have done since childhood. Another thing that has stayed with me since childhood is an interest in being outdoors and especially fly fishing. Recently, I have also developed a great interest in another outdoor hobby: surfing!

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