About Nudgd

At Nudgd we are dedicated to make sustainable choices easy. By using nudging and behavioral science combined with digital solutions we help Corporations, NGO’s, Municipalities and Governmental Agencies to tackle the Global Sustainable Development Goals and get ROI and measurable impact in their sustainability initiatives.

Our way of working

We believe that people want to make choices that are positive for the individual, society and the environment. But we also know that it can be difficult sometimes - you may forget, prioritize otherwise, have inadequate information or simply don't have the energy. That's why we want to make it easy to make the right choice!

We are faced with thousands of situations where we have to make decisions every day, and this is, of course, far too many for our brain to make consciouslly and rationally. To save energy, our brains make many decisions on intuition and instinct, autopilot and gut feeling. Thus, many decisions are made quickly and unconsciously. By using behavioral science and nudging, we can help our brains and make it easier to make sustainable choices.


In September 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted 17 global goals for sustainable development and the future. The goals are jointly called Agenda 2030. All UN member states are committed to working together for a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable development.

In all our work, when starting new or working on ongoing projects and services, we always keep the 17 global goals in mind.

Agenda 2030 - Målen för hållbar utveckling


Nudgd was founded in 2019 by the initiator of A Win Win World. At Nudgd, we focus on Tech4Good and advisory that make sustainable choices easy. We partner with A Win Win World to provide inspirational lectures and research based pilot studies to co-create the future. We also partner with the Nudging Sweden network for ongoing competence development and collaborative projects. Visit Nudging Sweden`s Facebook group to share discussions and news about nudging.

We know the value of working across different disciplines to come up with the best solutions. That is why we collaborate and partner with other people and organizations in our projects and services. We have a board of experts within various fields of the sustainability and behavioral science.

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Our core values

Action and hands on solutions

Measurable impact

Resource efficient sustainable future

What benefits the planet benefits the society