Welcome to the team Anna!

Hey Anna and welcome to the team!

Thank you, it is cool to be here! 

Which do you think are the most exciting sustainability trends right now? 

Greta is definitely very inspirational right now! She shows clearly that there is only one way forward! At the same time she shows that it is possible to change your behavior as long as you want to – take a boat instead of a plane when you travel for example. 

How did you become interested in nudging and behavior science?

Even before nudging became popular as a concept in Sweden I was interested in how we can nudge people in the right direction just by using humor and creativity. Making sustainable choices every day should not feel difficult and nudging is the perfect way to make it easier and create happiness in such situations of choice. 

Anna Strannegård
Project Manager and Members Coordinator Nudging Sweden

What added value are you aiming to bring to the organization?

I hope to contribute with my experience of working in big cooperation projects from different industries. If we do things together we can go a long way. I also think that my interest in waste management and innovation processes can be useful as well. 

Which one is your favorite nudge?

The first nudge that I came across is the World’s Deepest Trash Bin created by The Fun Theory. They created a trash bin which makes a sound each time someone throws trash in it. It plays on people’s curiosity and creates fun. The fact that I am a waste nerd makes it easy for this nudge to fall into my list of favorites. 

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